Beached Body

Woohoo! I've managed to go less than a year between writing a post! Yay! Go me! Yes, sarcasm is a strong point of mine. In contrast, my arms, legs, every other part of my body really, are not strong points, hence the point of this post: Getting "beach body" ready. "Beach body" is in scare... Continue Reading →


Running Away from Decisions

I've realised the primary reason for failing to update this (and many other previous) blogs on a regular basis. It's not, as I thought, because I'm a lazy turd (although I might be that as well), but because blog-writing involves making decisions, and I don't deal with decision-making very well. Every day since my last... Continue Reading →

Cathartic Canine Care

Last summer, I went to a local dog show. I don't have a dog, nor any pets in fact. I used to be member of staff for a cat who rung my doorbell and then stayed for several years (fact. I may write about this another time), but she has now retired to my retired... Continue Reading →

The end of the beginning?

This post started out its life as the 'About Me' section, but it clearly had other ideas. Life has recently begun for me, in that I have crossed the 40-years-on-the-planet threshold (life begins at 40? I certainly hope so). An awful lot has happened over the last 40 years, much of which led to what... Continue Reading →

Becoming Less Of A Vegan

After around seven or eight years with no animal products, it's time to become less of a vegan. In a nutshell - I'm currently 10 stone and 9 pounds in weight, and I would like to lose around 2 stones to hopefully give me more energy, confidence, and fit into the clothes in my wardrobe... Continue Reading →

Happy New Post

This is the excerpt for your very first post.2016 was a difficult year in many ways, and consequently, 2017 will be full of challenges. Details will drip, then possibly flood out over the course of the coming posts, but, in a nutshell:

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